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Since 1969

Here at Sarnia Cabinets we take pride in being the region’s foremost manufacturer of high-quality cabinets and custom components for kitchens and bathrooms, catering to people in our community who deserve nothing but the best.

Whether you have just an idea or complete plans in place, our unparalleled expertise and vast production capacity enable us to surpass your expectations in every corner of your home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

With a team of 50 highly trained professionals, encompassing sales, design, manufacturing, woodworking and installation experts, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that reflect our dedication.

Adapting swiftly to changing times and preferences is another hallmark of Sarnia Cabinets. We understand the evolving nature of design trends and constantly update our offerings to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to showcase our success and cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the Sarnia Cabinets difference, where dreams of beautiful kitchens and bathrooms come true.

Photo of the Boumas, Sminks and VanBarnevelds - the heart of Sarnia Cabinets.

“Our reputation is built on our unwavering commitment to providing industry-leading customer service, exceptional craftsmanship, and the finest products available. We refuse to compromise on quality and always prioritize customization to meet our clients’ unique needs.”

Gord Bouma
Founder of Sarnia Cabinets


We continually strive to push boundaries, embrace new ideas, and pioneer inventive solutions in the world of cabinetry. 


We treat every individual with dignity, kindness, and fairness, fostering a culture of inclusivity and appreciation for diverse perspectives.


We have the bravery to take on design challenges and pursue bold, creative approaches to deliver exceptional results for our clients.


We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our interactions and business practices.


We prioritize building strong relationships, earning the trust of our clients and partners by delivering on our promises.

United in Wardrobe. United in Heart.

Home is Where Cabinetry and Care Come Together.

The first location of Sarnia Cabinets in Sarnia, Ontario. 1969.
Black and white photo of a Sarnia Cabinets employee using machinery to create custom cabinet doors.
Sarnia Cabinets' showroom and production facility in Sarnia Ontario in the 1970s.

Owner Gord Bouma received his background in architecture, using time-honoured tools like drafting boards.

After a few years spent perfecting his talents, Gord began Sarnia Cabinets’ humble beginnings in 1969, at a garage near Exmouth Street and Indian Road. For the first two years at that location, Gord crafted cabinets in schools and churches. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that demand was exceeding the space he and his cabinet team had.

A local home builder saw Gord and his team’s skill, and recommended that they work on houses as well. The builder, Mr. VanderHeide, trusted Gord and gave him the freedom to come up with his own designs.

Sarnia Cabinets grew from there. Gord Bouma and his brother John bought the current Sarnia Cabinets property on Plank Road. They constructed the building themselves and eventually Sarnia Cabinets grew its facility to include more production space and employ more hard-working employees.

Today, Sarnia Cabinets boasts a tight-knit team of hard-working salespeople, designers, artisans and installers who ensure that your dreams come true every time.

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