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Sarnia Cabinets has spent more than 40 years perfecting cabinetry. In many cases, if you've seen a design or style in someone's house, in a magazine, in a book or on television, we have done it and can do it for you. Learn more about the whole process right here:


1. Choose a cabinetmaker

We know that every person has unique tastes and needs. But no matter who you are, consider the following when choosing a cabinetmaker:


Experience – Choose a business that has a long-standing tradition of creating cabinets. This usually means that they have a wide range of skills and can complete your project on time, budget and give you exactly what you desire.


Quality – Choose a business that uses only the finest materials. High-quality materials will maintain their look longer than others, and not require part replacements for many years.


Reputation – Talk with your friends, family, friends, co-workers and neighbours about work that they have had done in their kitchen or bathroom. Ask them specific questions about the business (experience, quality, reputation, community respect, environmental consciousness etc.)


Community Respect - Support businesses that support your community.


Environmental Consciousness – Ensure that your cabinetmaker reuses waste materials and supports local organizations that can use gently used pre-owned cabinets.


Written Agreement – You don't want to end up like a Holmes on Homes episode. Get it in writing.


2. Design

After you've chosen Sarnia Cabinets, we'll help you to book a FREE one-on-one consultation with one of our in-house designers to discuss your particular needs and create your dream design.


They will meet with you in your home, or wherever the cabinets will be installed, to take measurements and ensure that your vision fulfills your wants and needs.


The length of the design stage can fluctuate, but always results in a series of layouts (including a 3-D rendering) that showcase your cabinet design, depending on the complexity of the project.


Remember that Sarnia Cabinets does custom cabinetry, but your cabinets don't need to be custom – we have plans for every person and price point.


Upon approval, the designer will often remeasure your space and send the designs to Sarnia Cabinets' production team!


3. Production

This is when the magic happens! When your approved designs come to life and, through teams of Sarnia Cabinets craftsmen, are made into your cabinets.


4. Deliver

Sarnia Cabinets can delivery your cabinets directly to your home or business. The speed of our delivery service offers you convenience over other manufacturers, who often take months to deliver and install cabinets.


5. Installation

In this fifth and final step of your custom cabinetry project, Sarnia Cabinets can provide cost-effective, quality installation for you. Our “direct-labour” prices are competitive and are priced separately from your cabinet order. Sarnia Cabinets installations allow you to get professional results without any hidden costs.


Depending on the size of your project, this could take place over a number of days and involve the demolition of your current cabinets and installation of your new cabinets. Ensuring that this puzzle fits together perfectly is Sarnia Cabinets' priority.


We're proud to offer our customers an industry-leading one-year service warranty, and since our production facility is local, we can often have repairs completed within a week!

The Process