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Owner Gord Bouma received his background in architecture, using time-honoured tools like drafting boards.


After a few years spent perfecting his talents, Gord began Sarnia Cabinets’ humble beginnings in 1969, at a garage near Exmouth and Indian Road. For the first two years at that location, Gord crafted cabinets in schools and churches. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that demand was exceeding the space he and his cabinet team had.


A local home builder saw Gord and his team’s skill, and recommended that they work on houses as well. The builder, Mr. VanderHeide, trusted Gord and gave him the freedom to come up with his own designs.


Sarnia Cabinets grew from there. Gord Bouma and his brother John bought the current Sarnia Cabinets property on Plank Road. They constructed the building themselves and eventually Sarnia Cabinets grew its facility to include more production space and employ more hard-working employees.


Today, Sarnia Cabinets boasts a tight-knit team of hard-working salespeople, designers, artisans and installers who ensure that your dreams come true, every time.